SVR Marketing Product
Warranty Protection & SVR Premium Toner

SME/ SMI/ Accounting/ Audit/ Law Firms/ Banks/ Manufacturing/ Financial/ Institutions/ Insurance Companies/ Medium To Large Corporation/ GLC/ Government Department

Does your company:-

  • Experience high bills on printer or facscimile toner every month?
  • Pay high annual repair maintenance bills for printers/ Facsimile?
  • Have low quality print out from your current compatible toner ?
  • Try to manage your operating expenses ( OPEX ) as cost cutting exercise?

Swith NOW to enjoy the following :-

  • Savings on toner cost up to 70%
  • Toner lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects
  • PREMIUM quality toner - GUARANTEED!
  • FREE repair maintenance including labour, parts, and on-site service
  • Up to 36 months Warranty Protection



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