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Are you wondering how you can become a profitable computer reseller or dealer? Many small business computer consultants, IT hardware agent, or IT Peripherals Reseller wonders how they can add product sales to their service offerings, and whether or not it will truly add value to their businesses and serve their customer better.

In most cases, you don’t need any special qualifications to become a computer dealer. All you really have to do is forge relationships with some good wholesalers and distributors that offer you reasonable prices on product purchases and decent logistics/availability. You should expect the net profit margin to be as low as 5%... and sometimes even lower. This is why you should really make sure not to lead with product sales in your marketing materials or build your business model solely around reselling products.

Become our first and foremost IT Peripherals and Computer Hardware Reseller today, we will assure you the following : -

  1. Greatest Net Margins among all others distributors in the market
  2. Lowest Price bidding among all others competitors.
  3. Fastest Service and Support Response
  4. 100% Stock Availability Assurance
  5. Wide Ranges of Products in the industries.
  6. We provide nationwide delivery service and time are punctuality
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