SVR Marketing Product
What Our Customer Say
As Operations Manager, it’s my job to keep the company’s overheads low. Signing SVR Marketing as our service provider helped us save up to 60 percent in expenses last year. Good money that goes into our staff’s annual bonus. That’s what I call successful partnership.

James Lee, 42
Operations Manager for Audit Firm
Being publishers, we rely a lot on computer technology to meet our datelines. So we can’t afford for our machines to stay down for long. I don’t mind paying for SVR Marketing’s express repair service. It’s excellent service at a fair price. A completely worthwhile investment to our bottomline..

Denyse Ng, 38
I run a small home business. Being a small timer means I have to ensure my business is cost effective. I choose to use SVR toners. For almost half the price, I get printouts comparable to those using original toners. Impressive printouts mean better responses from my clients, which naturally is good for me.

Tan Tze Ling, 26
Freelance Writer
We’ve enjoyed six years of good service with SVR Marketing. They’ve got an extremely helpful and friendly, not to mention skilled support team who know exactly what they’re doing. You don’t get service like that every day.

Suzanna Ahmad, 34
Procurement Manager
Reliability. That’s what it’s all about. We’ve worked with SVR Marketing long enough to know they’ll do a first-class job. It’s good to have all our repairs centralised. It’s not just convenient. It’s efficient. Less time spent on sourcing for suppliers means more time spent on seeking out new business ventures. Lifetime toner warranty? It’s a tremendous cost saver!

Alex G. Matthews, 45