SVR Marketing Product
Why Choose SVR Marketing
Big On Savings. Big On Value
Enjoy fantastic print quality at nearly half the price. Because you don’t pay for advertising, you save up to 40 percent when you use our home brand laser toners compared to original ones. Do a print comparison. You’ll be amazed at our quality!

Everything you need in one place
Never be caught in a rut. Our 3S System ensures you don’t just get high quality products at attractive prices from us. You get follow-through service and quality spare parts for your machinery. Everything you need for a satisfying customer experience. Read more about our 3S System.

Express service
Your time is precious. So we’re always trying to serve you fast. But if you need some extra quick service, for a small price, we’ll have your repairs completed within 24 hours.

Lifetime toner warranty*
Cleaned the store and found the SVR toners you bought 5 years ago? If you pop it into your machine and find it not working, bring it right in. We’ll replace it for you. No questions asked. That’s our quality assurance to you.
*Terms and conditions apply.

If it’s broken, we can fix it
All our staff are skillfully trained to manage your repairs professionally. Our service centre is fully equipped to handle difficult repairs such as replacing internal notebook chip sets.

Your business is important to us. Trust us to maintain your equipment in excellent shape so you can put your mind to more pressing matters. We’re also an Authorised Service Partner (ASP) for Canon since 2003.